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Family vacation this summer? Get a teen room for 595 kr!

For only 595 krona per night, you can book an additional room next to yours for your little big 13 to 19 year olds. Each room accommodates two teenagers, and the amazing hotel breakfast is of course included. Gather the whole family this summer, yet give each other ample space!

Teenager in bed with phone and laptop

Family holidays are a nice opportunity for the family to gather og bond together in different ways than you do in everyday life. You sit in the car counting red houses together, you try out exotic new foods together, you create experiences and memories together - you do practically everything together. What is not that nice, however, is for the whole family to stay in one single hotel room that is far too small to accommodate two parents and a couple of teenagers.

And let's be honest, the teenager will also not find it that cool to hang out with their parents every second of every day and not have their own space. So we launched the option to book an additional separate room for your teens in several hotels! Let your teens listen to music, throw their socks on the floor and click around on their phones without keeping anyone else awake. This is a great opportunity to gather the family without constantly stepping on each other's toes.

How to book a teen room




Jukkasjärvi | Icehotel: Opens 1 July 2021 - teen room option is only applicable to warm rooms (not ice rooms and art suites)


Finland (€59/night)


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